Application requirements


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Application Requirements:

Before applying via the application link in this portal, open annually between May 15th and May 31st,

  1. you must be entitled to study at a university of your home country. You must have a relevant certificate to proof this.
    If your home country conducts university entrance examinations, you must have passed this examination at the moment of application, and you must have a certificate of this examination.
  2. you must be minimally 17 years of age on the 1st of October of that same year, when you move to Germany to commence your studies at UDE.
  3. You must have passed TestAS at the moment of application (see above). Further information about this test, and where it is conducted close to your home, can be found under https://www.testas.de/

You must be prepared and available to sit for the university entrance examination of UDE, conducted annually in the first half of July.

Though the tuition fees in Germany are nil, you still have to pay for your own costs of living: housing, food and health insurance.
An admission in this programme does not constitute an entitlement to any sponsorship programme.